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My family's dogs just woke the neighborhood taunting a possum

In my family, We have this arrangement concerning the dogs. The arrangement is: I do not take care of the dogs. I don't feed em, I don't walk em, I don't put em in and out, etc.

So, a few months ago somehow plans were made such that neither my mom nor my sister would be around to feed their respective dogs for one day. They were talking about leaving the dogs with someone. I told them, don't be ridiculous. It won't kill me to feed them one day. So I fed them. And that was that.

No, of course that wasn't that. We've had this arrangement for about 15 years. I bend to feed the dogs once, and they decide that I'd be perfectly happy to take care of the dogs for two weeks while moving my sister to San Diego. Stupid women don't know the difference between an inch and a mile.

So for two weeks I've experienced the ennui of feeding dogs day after day. And with no one else home to distract them, they are bad and clingy. I can't take a stroll without the small one following me (have to tether him, which is a PITA; they're not allowed inside). They don't even let me walk to my car in peace. And they bark all the time. A couple weeks of this was worn on me. But tonight the demonic beasts went too far.

Anyways, because oft the ennui, I expected that sooner or later I'd forget to feed them. Tonight it happened, and I think I paid for it.

At 3 am I hear them barking like crazy. I figured it'd go away in a couple minutes, but 3:15 it's still going on, strong as ever. So I go down to see what they're barking at (and heard the phone ring as I headed out, obviously a neighbor complaining). The little imp-dog is on the road barking his head off at a possum not much smaller than him. Apparently, the little dog had been circling and charging possum for 15 straight minutes without actually attacking. The big dog was standing in the yard restrained by an electric fence, barking his head off. (My family has long since given up hope that the electric fence will ever keep in the little dog.)

Now, I don't remember when I had my last rabies shot, but it's been awhile, so I don't exactly want to get near the possum. After calling them in expectedly failed, I ran in and got a broom and starting chasing the dogs towards the house with it. The little dog was too quick for me, but he got the hint eventually. The big dog refused to leave until I got him with the handle (which felt really good).

Meanwhile the possum's just being stupid. He wasn't playing dead, because he was gnashing his teeth at the imp-dog. But you'd figure the possum would head for the bushes whenever I chased the imp-dog away, but it just stood there waiting.

Oh well. Once I got them away I fed them (only about 7 hours late) and they're being pretty quiet now. I figure the dogs picked this fight in the first place because they were hungry, so I won't be forgetting again. And after my mom comes home in a couple days, I will never, ever accept this job ever again.

Having been through all this, I just don't get what is so great about dogs that makes people willing to go though all this crap.

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Last Edited: 26 September 2006, 1:58 AM
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