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My Voting Strategy

Politicians, no matter who they are or what party they belong to, are assholes.

This is a simple truth and there are almost no exceptions. That one candidate you like? Asshole, I guarantee it. If you "like" any politicians, or if you get "happy" when a candidate you like wins, you have the wrong idea. The best politician in the world doesn't warrant a reaction more positive than, "Ok, we've averted the slightly greater evil, meh."

The problem with these assholes is, some of them get very popular and start winning elections by large margins, and they start getting these ridiculous (and dangerous) ideas that they have a "mandate" "from the voters" to do all kinds of corrupt and retarded bullshit as they please. The only way to control these assholes is to make them continuously aware that their job is in danger. The closer the vote is to 51-49 [1], the more these assholes are going to behave themselves.

That is why I am voting for Romney and whatever Republican is running against Feinstein. Obama and Feinstein have absolutely no chance of losing California, and I want their margins to be as close as possible to 1%. I don't even know who the Republican candidate for Senate in California is, all I know is Feinstein is going to win and I want to use my vote to tell her to behave.

I'll be back in a few days to report my votes on the California ballot initiatives. I'm going to opine that the initiatives from two years ago were unusualy lacking in stupidity; I actually voted Yes on half. This year I'd be surprised to vote Yes on two.


[1]I don't really want it any closer than 51-49, especially if I were living in Florida, for obvious reasons. But that's kind of a moot point as far as the above strategy goes, since if the margin were capable of being that close, I'd be using a different strategy. Probably, but not necessarily, voting for the best candidate.
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Last Edited: 4 November 2012, 11:15 AM
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