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1994 Riverview Raiders

The 1994 Riverview Raiders

Back Row: Chris Draxinger (cut off), Jeff Cappa, Jeremy Dudczak, Andy Flaherty, Justin Graham, Charles Bellisario, Jason Cappa, Bob Meyers, Sam Geppert, Rick Golem, Carl Banks

Third Row: Daryl Derringer, Justin Pappa, Steve Dapra, Matt Fromm, Chip Mitchell, Zak Zrimzek, Fran Scuillo, Mark Bonaroti, Orlando Bellisario, D. J. Stinelli, Mike Harrity

Second Row: T. J. Skillen, Ron Zanello, Jim Wilson, Ryan Dugan, Ben Erdeljac, Randy Gilbert, Rich Walsh, Jason Anderson, Theo Facaros Front Row: Dan Morgan, Justin Dudczak, Mike Davis, Jason Orbin, Randy Pleasant, Fritz Tamburro, Mike Catullo, Calio Ciora

Eastern A Champions

Undefeated Regular Season

WPIAL Finalists

This is my page dedicated to the 1994 Riverview Raider Football Team. I played on this team my senior year, although my position was “kickoff-team specialist”. We had a great year, winning the Eastern A Conference, finishing the season undefeated, and making it to the WPIAL Championship Game in Three Rivers Stadium. And we did it against a hellish schedule.

Schedule and Results

Riverview31 Rochester6 
Riverview24 Duquesne14 
Riverview42 Serra Catholic0Homecoming
Riverview55 Wilkinsburg0 
Riverview19 Greensburg CC15 
Riverview34 Jefferson Morgan28WPIAL Quarterfinal
Riverview27 Rochester18WPIAL Semifinal (at North Allegheny)
Riverview0 Western Beaver42WPIAL Final (at Three Rivers Stadium)

Team Signatures

I collected signatures from the team as a birthday present for my sister, Alexis. Here they are. (Click for a larger version.)

Larger Version

The Following Years

The Raiders went on to have great seasons the next four years. In 1995, we finished the regular season undefeated again, and made it to the WPIAL semifinals. In 1996, we returned to the WPIAL championship, losing to Farrell by one point. In 1997, we finally won the WPIAL championship with a victory over Fort Cherry.

Medium risk fourth down play

One of the things about football that I always thought could be improved upon was the limited options for fourth down.

If it’s fourth down, and you are too far away to kick a field goal, there are only two options:

  1. Low risk: punt
  2. High risk: attempt to convert

Problem is, there’s a big gap between the options. Roughly speaking, a punt will give your opponent the ball around 40 yards downfield but you give up the possibility of a conversion (not counting turnovers). Going for it on (say) a 4th and 3 is going to be converted about 50% of the time, but if you fail to convert the opponent gets the ball right there.

Right now, head coaches go for the low-risk option (punt) probably 95% of the time on fourth down. That’s pretty boring. Having a medium-risk option might encourage coaches to take more risks on fourth down, leading to much more excitement. For instance, say it’s 4th and 5 on the 50. Most coaches will punt in this situation. But what if there was an medium risk option? You have a 25% chance of converting, but if you don’t the opponent gets the ball maybe 20 yards downfield, on their 30. I think some coaches might try that in that situation.

But what would such a medium-risk play look like?

When I asked this question in rec.sport.football.college, I got an interesting suggestion in this thread: the person who receives the snap could roll out and bat the ball downfield with something like a volleyball serve, and it would be played more or a less like a fumble. I think there would have to be some limits on when a team could recover a batted ball (the ball should not peak higher than ten feet above the field, and would it have to hit the ground first).

The following table summarizes the risk tradeoff for these three options.

OptionRisk LevelTypical Conversion RateWhere opponent gets the ball if conversion fails
PuntLow0%40 yards downfield
Go for itHigh50%Right there
BatMedium25%20 yards downfield

Anyway, I’m not sure there wouldn’t be drawbacks to this sort of volleyball bat play (like maybe too much risk of opponent returning the bat, or too much injury risk), but a play that could add a medium-risk option to fourth down I think would really add to the excitement of the game.

Photographs of Me

Professional Photograph:

High School Yearbook Picture:

A Candid Photograph:

Another Candid Photograph:

Photograph of the MTS Machine and me:

(Interesting note: The photographer of this picture, Regina Kauffman, was on the crew of the EC9 spyplane that emergency landed in China.)

Photograph from my Football Days:

Photograph of me in the Virginia Tech Flight Simulation Lab:

My Brother Victor and me in Tempe, Arizona:

My Mom and me in Nogales, Mexico:

Me standing with the SR-71 in Tuscon, Arizona:

South Park caricature:

Professional Photograph with some interesting image processing:

Photograph from my days as a Calvin Klein model:

On a boat on Lake Waconia:

In a restaurant next to Mom:

A more up-to-date South Park caricature:

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