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Big Ten Division Names

The newly expanded Big Ten Conference recently had a major flub by calling the names of the new football divisions the “Leaders” and “Legends” division. Commisioner Jim Delaney announced after a few days that they would reconsider because of absolutely terrible approval ratings from fans (under 10%).

Well, I have the perfect name for the divisions. There is no arguing about this, I have the answer that no one can possibly be opposed to, no one will think is lame, and will give us a catharsis.

Patrick DivisionNorris Division
Ohio StateMichigan State
Penn StateMinnesota

Who can possibly say no to that. Everyone rued the day when NHL Commissioner Gary Bettape decided to get rid of the old hockey division names in favor of bland geographical name, but now the Big Ten can carry on the legacy.

It also covers the most likely geographic areas for future expansion (New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and, alas, Missouri).

Main disadvantage is some teams (Illinois most probably) might be upset about no being in the Patrick division. But tough, Northwestern’s closer to Chicago. Minnesota and Michigan are both in the Norris. Penn State is in the Patrick. Other states didn’t have a hockey teams so it doesn’t matter as much which division they’re in.

There’s the minor issue that Big Ten doesn’t sponsor hockey (yet), but the division names are really a cultural thing.

So there you have it. I dare anyone to argue that this isn’t the best division names possible. Go ahead.

Update: With the addition of Maryland and Rutgers, Illinois can move over to the Norris Division, while Maryland and Rutgers can join the Patrick division.

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