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I have been to every state in the Continental U.S.

Recently I took a rare trip back east to my native city of Pittsburgh, and while there I took the opportunity to take a road trip and visit the last two states I haven’t been to: Rhode Island and Delaware. I have now been to every state in the Continental U.S.

Here’s a map showing how often I’ve been to each state:

Idaho is the only state that I feel shaky grounds to my claim. I never actually alighted in Idaho. My time spent inside the state was an uninterrupted train ride through the panhandle, at night no less, so I couldn’t see scenery. For obituary purposes I think this suffices; if I get hit by a bus tormorrow, it can say I visited the Continental 48. For bragging rights, however, I want to shore up my claim, so at some point I plan to visit Idaho (maybe next summer).

It’s not my life’s ambition, but I would like to get to Alaska and Hawaii as well to complete the 50.

For all the traveling I’ve done inside the US, I haven’t been outside the country much at all. I was a few times to the Canadian province of Ontario (Niagara falls area, mostly to watch Shaw plays and watch my parents drink wine), and once to the Mexican state of Sonora (day trip to Nogales).

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