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Proof the economy is struggling

I recently made my resumes public on Monster.com and Dice.com. (I am not looking for another job at the moment. It’s just that my company annouced that it would soon be laying off 500 employees. I don’t expect to be one of them but if they’re laying off, I can activate by resume. C’est la vie in the aerospace industry.)

I’ve ignored all the messages so far (except for one guy who was kind enough to have read by Open Letter to Recruiters so I figured I should at least write him back to tell him I wasn’t interested).

  1. I’m only getting about one message a day instead of five or so.
  2. When I ignore their messages, the recruiters don’t follow up asking me why I haven’t responded to them.
  3. I’ve actually gotten a few solicitations for jobs I’d be a perfect fit for. That has never happened, not once, in all my job hunts.

Point is, with less demand for workers, the recruiters are taking the time to screen and deliver good candidates to the customer, rather than shoveling in large quantities of them. And when business chooses quality over quantity, you know the economy is not doing well.

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