Fish Tacos

Give someone a boiled peanut and tell them it’s a boiled peanut, they’ll be like, “This is disgusting”. Give that same person a boiled peanut and tell them it’s a bean that tastes peanuty, they’ll be like, “This is pretty good.” It’s sad that people are so mentally jailed by their own expectations.

Fish tacos are good unless:

  1. you don’t like fish
  2. you don’t like tacos
  3. you have mental impediment

We might also note that fish tacos are not the same kind of tacos you eat in a crispy corn shell with ground beef, lettuce, and shredded cheese, in case anyone doesn’t know. (I could see that being a little weird.) Fish tacos are actual Mexican tacos, which means fish, shredded veggies, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and a bit of salsa or avocado maybe, on soft corn tortillas. Lots of people who claim to hate fish tacos would love it if you threw the same ingredients on a bun and called it a fish sandwich, or if you serve it without the tortilla and call it fish slaw. Hell, if you serve you serve it with a tortilla, i.e., the exact same dish, and called it fish slaw.

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