Minor Software Packages

FCAP Minor Mode for Emacs

  • Language: Emacs Lisp
  • Platform: Emacs
  • Licence: Public Domain

This is a minor mode for Emacs that automatically capitalizes in Fortran 77, without needing to resort to CAPS LOCK. Also, it conveniently doesn’t capitalize inside strings and comments. I find it extremely helpful and never program in Fortran without it.


  • Language: Python 2.1
  • Platform: Unix
  • Licence: Public Domain

This is a small script that can synchronize an FTP directory tree with a directory tree on the local disk. It does this by maintaining a catalog of everything it believes is on the FTP server; and updating the catalog whenever it updates the files on the server.

In this way, you can have a mirror of (for example) your website on your local disk, and whenever you make a change to the local mirror, you can run this script to update the pages on your server. It will make and remove directories as needed, and upload and remove files as needed. Only the new and changed files are uploaded. Renaming a file in the local mirror will usually result in that file being renamed on the server.

Unfortunately, it only works in one direction: independently changing a file on the server will not cause it to be downloaded to your local mirror.

I put this script on my web page because I think people will find it useful. However, it has a lot of loose ends untied. There’s no documentation; you’ll have to read the source to figure out how to use it. It won’t work on Windows as is, for it uses some Unix-specific calls, but it shouldn’t be hard to modify it so that it will. Finally, there is no built-in way to create the catalog. You’ll have to create the initial catalog yourself (maybe by modifying the script to just output a check file).

I still use this script to keep my static files up to date.

Updated: March 25, 2024 — 12:47 AM

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